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Round 4 - Armenia is Leading in the Olympiad

tur4_054As the rounds go by the matches get harder for the teams at the top boards. The fourth round has proved itself as a tough test for the favourites. At the first table the leader Armenia has played against Georgia. The defeat of Georgia in the hands of Armenia was a noticeable result. Armenian Team(average Elo 2323) is still leading in the olympiad with 14,5 points. Favorite teams, India and Armenia met at the second table with each other. The fight ended with draw and this result made Azerbaijan keep in the second place with 11 points. The top rated team of the tournament, Russia(2455) defeated Switzerland(2165) at the third board with 4-0 score. This clear victory helps them to place second with 12 points. India, Georgia, Iran and Turkey-White are following the leading teams with 10 points. Next round is going to start at 16 o’clock today. Don’t miss the hard fights between the young masters and also the coming heavybattle: Armenia vs. Russia! GM Kivanc Haznedaroglu made analysis for us from the game between Urii Eliseev from Russia and Grandadam Patrik from Switzerland. You can enjoy our photo report from the last round below;

Analysis by GM Kivanc Haznedaroglu

Eliseev Urii (RUS 2441) - Grandadam Patrik (SUI 2160)
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Li Tian Yeoh from Malaysia came to the round early and started to concentrate
Lars Rindlisbacher - 1st board of Switzerland
Bernard Koekemoer is trying to be ready for the 4th round - South Africa Team B
GM Vladimir Fedoseev - The second board of Russian Team
Georgian Team with their coach Giorgi Khomeriki
Ryan Coetzee from South Africa Team B seems to be ready for the fight
Gamze Nur Guney and Aleyna Yigit from Turkey Turkuaz Team
Marius Abramciuc - Second board of Moldova
Jergus Pechac from Slovakia doesn't feel good in the last two days, but he still continues to play
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