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Sixth Round of the Olympiad
tur6webSix rounds left behind of the World Under 16 Chess Olympiad, which started on 24th of October in Kartepe Green Park Hotel. There was a tough test for the favorites Armenia and Azerbaijan at table number one. In the clash of two masters at first board ended with draw after 64 moves. It was not enough to gain the material advantage for GM Nijat Abasov to win against his opponent IM Karen Grigoryan. The match resulted in 2,5-1,5 score on behalf of Azerbaijan. Armenia took the leading position right from the second round and continues to place at the top with 17,5 points after sixth round. On the other hand Russia has reached 17 points with the help of two wins and one draw against Georgia. They are still in the second, half a point behind the leading team. At the third board, 4-0 whitewash of Iran against Czech Republic was one of the brightest scores of the sixth round. This clear score helps Iran to place third with 16 points. Still it seems difficult to make predictions about first three seeds in the final. Tomorrow will be the free day of the tournament. Players and trainers will let of their steam with activities held by organisation team. In addition to this they will have more chance to get well-prepared against their opponents on Saturday.  Here is the photo report of the day;

GM Nijat Abasov, IM Ulvi Bajarani, FM Kanan Izzat, Misratdin Iskandarov, coach Jahangir Agharahimov
Jasper Lee from Kenya
Maybe this bear will bring luck to the Scottish player Shivan Murdochy, who knows?
Turkish girls Ayca Fatma Durmaz and Nisan Ulusoy from Turkey-Turkuaz Team
Ali Ozer, Hakan Ozgur, Halil Ibrahim Berzah, Elena Bilgin, Mohamed Alsari, Metin Hatipoglu
Arbiters of the Olympiad 
Srinjay Mukhopadhyay is Indian but he is living in Nairobi. He attends school at Premier Academy. When we ask him about the photo he told us " He's my god - Jai Sai Ram"
CM Batuhan Dastan from Turkey Red Team
Basher Iyti from Syria - Elo 2225
Russian reserve player FM Konstantin Nikologorskiy has scored 3,5 points out of 4
The Deputy President of Turkish Chess Federation Tahsin Aktar seems very happy to host this event in his country

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